About the Artist

The raw material is formless clay from the earth until my hands start to work it into a sculpted vessel or figure. Each piece starts with an idea of shape and size, but with no other boundaries. My finished forms have simple lines that provide a canvas for nature to add its own variations of colour and tone during the vagaries of the firing process. I am equally intrigued by the contrast of black and white or by the use of beautiful colours and appreciate the dramatic effect created using either.

My interest lies in the unexpected but controlled world of alternative firing where ambient temperature, humidity, or other environmental factors add an element of surprise to the final outcome. I want the finished piece to be pleasing to the senses and for the viewer to feel the energy generated in the process of creation.

Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” and that is the solace I find in creating, and my motivation for being an artist.

Favourite firing method

  • Raku and alternative firing techniques

Primary forming method

  • Handbuilding, extruding and using press moulds or any interesting forms I can find

Favourite tools

  • My work is either burnished and silky smooth to the touch, where my favourite tools are painting palette knives and silicone ribs; or it’s heavily textured, where I’ll impress anything I can find to use as texture: sink drain mats, embossed wallpaper, pen caps, etc.

Where I get my inspiration

  • I’m passionate about the idea that people need to take enjoyment from beautiful things in their environment, even on a subconscious level.Things like music, nature or visually interesting displays allow us to be transported away for a brief moment.When I create, not only am I swept up for that time, but my hope is that someone who looks at my work will be whisked away for a blink, with a smile.